About Us

Premier Custom Woodworks Ltd.

Premier Custom Woodworks Ltd. is owned and operated by Ryan and Jennifer Bambach.  Ryan works full-time in the business, doing everything from designing – to the final production of the cabinetry – to finish and installation.  As a client of Premier Custom Woodworks Ltd., you will deal with Ryan through every step of your project.  Although Jennifer isn’t in the shop every day, she is never far away keeping the business running smoothly.

Mission Statement

Cabinetry is as timeless and elegant as it is functional.  Here at Premier Custom Woodworks Ltd., our design work is premised upon classical lines and proportions that fit not only into the room your cabinetry is going into…but your lifestyle.  Fit, function and versatility are all things that we go into great detail with the client; in order to build not only the kitchen of their dreams…but one that is going to function perfectly.

Our cabinetry is built in large sections for a seamless and stable fit and finish.  Premier’s cabinets are built like furniture, making the overall look of your kitchen exquisite. You can really see the difference in the final product; through the style of cabinetry, finish, and hardware – which is what our clients prefer and makes us unique. The products that go into all our cabinets are hand-selected for quality and stability.  We custom order only what is needed for your job, which is something you can only get from a small custom shop.

Premier Custom kitchen will always include a full array of luxury options, such as 3/4” birch interiors and solid dove-tailed drawers with full extension, soft-close drawer slides. These features are standard at Premier Custom Woodworks Ltd.

In an effort to guarantee quality, fit and finish, we make our own doors and all other cabinet parts whenever possible.  This ensures that we are not at the mercy of another shop with regards to quality or unreliable scheduling issues.

Everything we produce is made here in our shop – to the specification of the client.  This gives a custom piece made to order, that will truly fit into the kitchen of your dreams.


For as long as I can remember, I have been around woodworking.  My father is a dedicated woodworking hobbyist.  When I was just a toddler, I remember watching him work in his little workshop in the basement of our home.  As I grew older and started playing with wood more and more, the little workshop became very crowded.  We then moved it to its own building in the back yard, which was more of a modest-sized garage. There was never a day during summer holidays or on the weekends, when I wouldn’t be out building something out of wood.  In the early 90’s, there was even more activity in the little shop, so a second floor addition was built which allowed for more tools and materials.  As a hobby passed down from my father that grew into a passion; it was in high school wood shop classes that I was awarded top place in many woodworking activities, including Skills Canada Competitions.  In my final year of high school, I did a co-op placement at a local Old Order Mennonite cabinet shop named Elmbrook Furniture, just outside of Linwood, Ontario.  It was at this time that I knew I wanted to pursue cabinetmaking as a career.  It was at this shop that I learned the “old world” way of working with wood without the use of high tech machinery and was able to build magnificent projects from start to finish with my bare hands.

In 1997, I started at Conestoga College in the Woodworking Technician Program, where I was able to learn the “new world” way of working with wood.  It was here that I was able to learn new skills through programs like finishing, shop management, material handling, drafting & AutoCAD, business and marketing.  Computers, CNC machinery and other automated machinery became the norm through my college years.  However, that old way of working with wood was what I really wanted to pursue. Through college, I continued working at the Mennonite shop, honing my skills during the day at school; and in the evenings, Saturdays and summers at work.  In August of 1999, after finishing college that past spring, I began working in the town of Hawkesville at another well-known cabinet shop called Homestead Woodworks.   It was there I was able to learn more about the building of kitchens and built-in cabinetry, while still being able to produce that fine furniture I had before.  This new job was the stepping stone I was looking for; in order to reach the ultimate goal of owning my own shop one day – building my own custom cabinetry for my own customers.

October 3rd, 2000 was a day I will never forget.  In a blink of an eye, all my hopes and dreams were lost due to an accident while operating a piece of machinery.  The accident caused a loss of feeling in my right hand due to cutting of major nerves and tendons. That following spring, unable to work safely in the shop, I then left the industry.  I returned to school, which lead to working as a dispatcher for a trucking company in Guelph, Ontario.  Over the next few years, I slowly started going back out in the shop at home, knowing it was in my blood to continue working with wood.

On June 17th, 2006, I passed over another stepping stone, and married my long-time girlfriend, Jennifer.  She encouraged me to fulfill my dreams of owning my own custom cabinetry shop.  On October 3rd, 2006 (6 years to the day after my injury), Jennifer and I registered our company, Premier Custom Woodworks Ltd. …and the rest is history!