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200 year old Mudroom

The owner of this cottage wanted a mudroom entry way that looked like it was created hundreds of years ago! It was accomplished using Vintage Re-claimed Hemlock Barn Flooring. The entire mudroom is cladded with boards which some where over 22" wide! To go along with the look we created a matching cubbie upper cabinet and a bench created from Hand Hewn barn timbers iron leg supports.

From a picture to reality

The owner of the very rustic Powder Room supplied me with their "dream" photo of a bathroom they found online but wanted it to look even more Rustic and Old looking!!!

Rustic Bar in the City

The owners of this Rustic Bar in Oakville, Ontario met me at the 2014 Cottage Life Show...never being to the show, and not having a cottage....they had the urge to go to the show to find something rustic looking for their home. After talking to this couple for over an hour we arranged an appointment at their house and designed and later built the bar of their dreams!!!

The look of years gone by

This is our own personal fireplace and both Jen and I wanted something that looked like could have been 100 years old. From the very rustic stone work to the custom antique looking Wormy Maple Mantle to a vintage looking gas radiant Valour insert with a cast iron surround and mesh doors...it truly looks like it was it was made a century ago!

Rustic Storage

This 7 foot wide, 7 foot tall and 18" deep storage unit is constructed out of Rustic Hard Maple on the exterior and 3/4" birch plywood on the interior. With 24 shelf openings there is more storage space than the customer ever could have imagined!!!

Rustic Mudroom

This mudroom features the perfect place to sit down and take your boots off! Constructed of our Rustic Hard Maple it fits into the look of this country home.

Rustic laundry and bath

After talking to this customer about building a custom Mud Room cabinet for their country home they also thought they should have the matching look of the Rustic Hard Maple in their main floor bathroom and laundry which is all in the same room. The finished product is stunning and fits perfectly in this century old country home!

Basement Hideaway

This very custom basement is about as rustic as it can get. The custom pine stair case was build with 2 ½” material and put together without the use of mechanical fasters, it is held together solely with mortise and tendons and hardwood pegs. It was then hand hewn to give the look of old barn timbers. I also made the wide plank pine flooring and V-matched siding material. The floor was then finished in a antique brown stain and topped off with vintage square cut antique nails for added age and detail. The bar is also a major conversation piece and is build out of Wormy Soft-Maple.

Old World

This very rustic fire place mantle was built with old world practices and styles. Mostly created by hand with non traditional practices, a hand rubbed antique stain followed by a low sheen lacquer gives it age and beauty.

A custom mantle, for a custom fireplace

The customer for this fire place Mantel wanted a mantel that fit in nicely with their stone fireplace, but didn’t want something that was too bulky or cumbersome. Together we chose Oak for the material as the floors in the home were also Oak and the contrast of the stone work between the floor and mantle where perfect. I was able to match the mantle perfectly to the floor by getting a custom stain match created with the use of some left over flooring that they had. The end result was a stunning fireplace that is the talk of the home when ever guests enter their living room.