Reclaimed Barn Board

Reclaimed barn wood comes in many different styles and looks. Typically the siding, floors, roofing boards and interior grainery boards were all made from soft woods such as Pine or Hemlock but could have been made from what ever types of tree’s were abundant in the area. The frame work of the barn (large timber structure) was usually made from hardwood such as Oak, Maple, Ash or Elm.  Although most of the board material was the same species thru out the barn, different area’s had different uses and make the look of each material vastly different.  All of our barn wood has been cleaned, dried (no bugs or mould) and de-nailed unless specified.  All of the accent wall material can be ordered in the following styles.

Rustic varying thickness which is the natural boards the way they were cut hundreds of years ago.  The boards vary in thickness, width and are ruff cut to length.

Flush is material machined down on the back side to make a consistent thickness, Boards are cut in 4” and 8” widths and cut to lengths from 2’ to 8’ long

Lacquer Finish is coats of Post Catalyzed Lacquer. The lacquer finish brings out the rich tone’s of the finished wood and makes for easier cleaning and prevents staining.

We now accept the following
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#1 Grey Weather Board

Grey Weather Board
Highly textured exterior siding, typically Pine or Hemlock. Strong Grey/Silver tones and is typically left unfinished showing the natural beauty of the weather board.

Rustic varying thickness-$7/SQFT
Flush – $8.50/SQFT
Lacquer Finish $1.50/SQFT extra

#2 Brown Weather Board

Brown Weather Board
Highly textured exterior siding, with rich brown tones. Typically sold with our lacquer finish which brings out the deep rich tones of the reclaimed wood but also looks amazing unfinished.

Rustic varying thickness $6/SQFT
Flush $7.50/SQFT
Lacquer Finish $1.50/SQFT extra

#3 Brown Board

Brown Board
Barn wood from the interior haymow flooring (Sorted for Pine or Hemlock) varying brown tones with lots of character from circular sawn mark’s and even water stains from wet hay or water 
penetration thru the barn siding over the years. Boards can vary in width from 6” to over 18” wide!!!

Rustic varying thickness $6/SQFT
Flush $7.50/SQFT
Lacquer Finish $1.50/SQFT extra

#4 Grainery Board

Grainery Board
Grainery board is ideal for furniture, cabinetry or trim work. Being in the middle of the barn and not being exposed to sunlight Grainery Board has lighter brown tones, vintage circular sawn marks
and vary in width from 6” to well over 18” wide. Grainery boards can have some rodent chew marks which just add to the character of the wood. Due to the barn having little Grainery Board compared to other board styles, its more expensive but works great for many applications where you want something a little different than the other styles of barn wood.

Rustic varying thickness $7.50/SQFT
Flush $9/SQFT
Lacquer Finish $1.50/SQFT extra

#5 Mixed Board Mixed board
Our mixed Board is a combination of all barn board styles. This gives a contrasting colour for your accent wall. All of our mixed board is sold as “Flush” with widths of 4” and 8” and varying lengths.  You can choose from a combination of the following tones. Grey/Brown Weathered, Grey/Brown Weathered/Brown, Grey/Brown Weathered/Brown/Red.

Flush $8.50/SQFT